Welcome to My Site


Welcome to my site!

This is my website, which includes both of my blogs under one site Writer’s Journey “The Creative Me”. This site mainly deals my journey of a writer, because everything I do centers around writing.   I am a creative being who loves to travel, RVing, animals and spend time in the educational world and you will also find information on this in both of my blogs.

On this site, you find blog posts on the online learner/student concerning online teaching, and working in the mobile world (RVing and travel) and all the animals (primarily our dog). Also on the writers’ blog, you will see book reviews and a subsection of cozy mystery and Christian Nonfiction books (see my review policy).

Please visit my Teacher Pay Teacher/Online Store “The Dragon’s Lair.” A portion (a tithe) of the proceeds goes to a dog and other animal charities. A link connects you to my store and other links from my various charities. Please the blog post on this subject. In addition to the online teaching and “The Dragon’s Lair,” I am an Instructional Designer and Curriculum Developer.

Finally, I love to read!

Oh! Unless I tell you otherwise, my Blog Posts are my opinion, sources are cited, anything I receive money on I will let you know. However, I do have links and ad on this site Amazon.com and 51 Talk, plus advertising on the blog that benefits me.

Please read & enjoy the blog tell your Friends


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