Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the push to have a completely non working holiday.  I am grateful for the airlines and transportation people who are working, my son and daughter are safely home.

My meal is prepared and I diidn’t have to really touch anything or cross contaminate my food.

Thank you everyone who is working so I can have Thanksgiving and may you stay safe.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Despite the push to have a completely non working holiday. I am grateful for the airlines and transportation people who are working, my son and daughter are safely home.

My meal is prepared and I diidn’t have to really touch anything or cross contaminate my food.

Thank you everyone who is working so I can have Thanksgiving and may you stay safe.


Veteran’s provided me with the freedom to write this blog.  Thank you.

As a student and teacher, my mentor’s focus have always been to reflect on what is going on in my life, my classroom and with my students. Reflection is something that I have not been spending much time on and have just operated in the moment.

Reflection on what I have been doing with regards to my writing and teaching career has made me realize that I have just kept going and not reflecting on how it will affect my life.  In addition, the fact that a fellow breast cancer friend died this past week. She had the same type (Stage 3a) and similiar side effects from treatments and medications. It is very sad! It is very scary!  I feel guilty I am alive. However it has caused me to grateful that I am still alive, still going strong, have my hair and working.  It has also reminded me that I need to get my booty out of my chair and realize ALL of my dreams.

Book Reviews

This weekend I reconnected to Neta Jackson and her Windy City Series.  Just so you know I have read almost all of her series and have just started this series.  I am in Book 3 and the main character reminds me of me.  In so far as, she works, has children, volunteers, and works with the church.  Very busy!  See above reflection!  I haven’t finished it, but it is really getting to me because of my own life.

In fact this morning, my devotion related to Hagar, who felt very much alone in the world.  God knew her, he knows us all and we need to be good stewards of our talents.  As I wrote, I haven’t finished the book and will let you know further on the story.

In addition, I printed my submissions from Netgalley and wrote a couple of reviews for the site.  I thought I had already written them, but now they are done.  The site, Netgalley, prefer we stay at 80% of our book, unfortunately I am only at 45%, which means I need to get with it. Finally, I need to update my Goodreads posts.


The  blog “The Penny Hoarder” has become my new favorite blog.  It has provided me with a number of ways to improve my writing and with jobs I can work into my schedule.  I need to make some money, so I will look into these jobs.

 I will also be guest  blogging in the near future, so please look for me to do this and share with all of you.


I did not work on my new technology this weekend as I had planned. However, I did work on a new grant to see what I need in for instruction and my students.  There are several and with some luck I will be able to get my current projects on Donorschoose.org funded.  My students really need the playdough and related material in order to work on their fine motor skills.


Donorschoose.org have two projects that I have developed and I hope will be funded.  In addition, I am waiting for a grant that I wrote for a field trip from Target.  I really hope it will be funded because it will provide a great field trip for the students. Finally, I have developed some projects and hopes for new grants.

Application: Otherwise known as apps!

I owe several developers reviews for their apps that I received free.

Have a great day, night and stay warm!!

New Trimenster

It has been exactly one trimenster.  Parents conferences, progress reports, report cards and now a four day weekend (YEAH!).

There are a number of goals I wanted to accomplish this trimenster, but I am still trying to develop them as I write this post.

Blended Instruction:

I perfer this term to flipped classroom.  My students need to develop their motor muscles and brain in all areas.  They have moderate to severe disabilities. It is importatnt they develop all of these aspects of their development.

This has been so – so, in so far as I am still learning how to use some of the equipment myself and I have had to make sure I lock the app that the students need to work on.  In addition, I have had some behavioral issues and I think I have figured out a way to resolve the stituation.  Primarily I have been giving him to many choices and I have allow my paras to determine what help they will give me.  This last sentence sounds really critical, but it more directed at me as I know that if I assign and ask for them to help in specific ways, than the paras will work with the students.

Also I need to be more consistent in my handling of this student.

Visual Schedules:
They need to be developed in this classroom and used more frequently

Finaly, I am very happy that two of my Donorschoose projects have been funded. (Yeah)  There are more on page that need help with (hint).

Write more later!!

Twitter Posts

I am very excited!!! I have reached the highest numbers of followers on both of my accounts. I am learning about new people and being introduced to new concepts. AND people are reading my posts. Thank you so much!!!

Books I ‘ve read this week:
Calculated in Death
Till Death Do Us Purl
The Shell Game: A Fox and O’Hare Short Story
Sew Deadly
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Witch’s Big NIght
Mr. Spiders’ Spooky Spook: Spooky Spook
I think My Mom’s a Superhero
Who Killed the Ghost in the LIbary

Books I am READING
Knot in My Backyard
Injustice for All
Bless her Dead LIttle Heart
Blood and Justice
Swamp Sniper
Cold Judgment

All this means that I will be writing some book reviews for Netgalley and my Facebook Page. Look for them all, I am really enjoying some of my books.

Job Hunting
I received an invitation for a interview for an online job. Fingers crossed!!!


Need to write more, I am not anywhere near my word count. How are you all doing????

Classroom, Books and Writing!!!

Finding Funds for the Classroom:

People watch these movies where teachers work 2-3 jobs in order fund necessaities for their classrooms or lobby foundations for itemes for their classrooms. I know some people think that these teachers are the exceptions rather than the rule, well they aren’t. If you think that you are so wrong!!! Check out DonorsChoose.org. THERE ARE SO MANY PROJECTS and on 30% of them will be funded in the four months that they are allowed to be posted. Some of the the items are heatbreaking and people think that they are kidding, not really.

If you have a few and by that I mean 2-3 dollars or more, donate to the cause. It is really important!

Book Reviews

Netgalley.com is a site that provides a person lie me that bility to read books before their publication date. I have found new authors, new publishers and new genres that I really enjoy.

Currently my favority publication is Kensington. They have a number of authors that I really like: Joanna Fluke is one and they have some great cozy mysteries that I have enjoyed reading.

I just need to read more and review more, so expect some book reviews in the next few days.


It is November! I will write my 50,000 words. I will and I will use it to send in my novel.

I do know that this has spawned several other writer challenges PiMoBo, chapter in a month, just to mane a few. They are really great challenges. I encourage you to use them as a way to develop your writing discipline.<!–more–

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