Happy Thanksgiving!

Despite the push to have a completely non working holiday.  I am grateful for the airlines and transportation people who are working, my son and daughter are safely home. My meal is prepared and I diidn’t have to really touch anything or cross contaminate my food. Thank you everyone who is working so I can … More Happy Thanksgiving!

New Trimenster

It has been exactly one trimenster.  Parents conferences, progress reports, report cards and now a four day weekend (YEAH!). There are a number of goals I wanted to accomplish this trimenster, but I am still trying to develop them as I write this post. Blended Instruction: I perfer this term to flipped classroom.  My students … More New Trimenster

Twitter Posts

I am very excited!!! I have reached the highest numbers of followers on both of my accounts. I am learning about new people and being introduced to new concepts. AND people are reading my posts. Thank you so much!!! Books I ‘ve read this week: Calculated in Death Till Death Do Us Purl The Shell … More Twitter Posts