Classroom, Books and Writing!!!

Finding Funds for the Classroom:

People watch these movies where teachers work 2-3 jobs in order fund necessaities for their classrooms or lobby foundations for itemes for their classrooms. I know some people think that these teachers are the exceptions rather than the rule, well they aren’t. If you think that you are so wrong!!! Check out THERE ARE SO MANY PROJECTS and on 30% of them will be funded in the four months that they are allowed to be posted. Some of the the items are heatbreaking and people think that they are kidding, not really.

If you have a few and by that I mean 2-3 dollars or more, donate to the cause. It is really important!

Book Reviews is a site that provides a person lie me that bility to read books before their publication date. I have found new authors, new publishers and new genres that I really enjoy.

Currently my favority publication is Kensington. They have a number of authors that I really like: Joanna Fluke is one and they have some great cozy mysteries that I have enjoyed reading.

I just need to read more and review more, so expect some book reviews in the next few days.


It is November! I will write my 50,000 words. I will and I will use it to send in my novel.

I do know that this has spawned several other writer challenges PiMoBo, chapter in a month, just to mane a few. They are really great challenges. I encourage you to use them as a way to develop your writing discipline.<!–more–

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