Twitter Posts

I am very excited!!! I have reached the highest numbers of followers on both of my accounts. I am learning about new people and being introduced to new concepts. AND people are reading my posts. Thank you so much!!!

Books I ‘ve read this week:
Calculated in Death
Till Death Do Us Purl
The Shell Game: A Fox and O’Hare Short Story
Sew Deadly
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Witch’s Big NIght
Mr. Spiders’ Spooky Spook: Spooky Spook
I think My Mom’s a Superhero
Who Killed the Ghost in the LIbary

Books I am READING
Knot in My Backyard
Injustice for All
Bless her Dead LIttle Heart
Blood and Justice
Swamp Sniper
Cold Judgment

All this means that I will be writing some book reviews for Netgalley and my Facebook Page. Look for them all, I am really enjoying some of my books.

Job Hunting
I received an invitation for a interview for an online job. Fingers crossed!!!


Need to write more, I am not anywhere near my word count. How are you all doing????

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