New Trimenster

It has been exactly one trimenster.  Parents conferences, progress reports, report cards and now a four day weekend (YEAH!).

There are a number of goals I wanted to accomplish this trimenster, but I am still trying to develop them as I write this post.

Blended Instruction:

I perfer this term to flipped classroom.  My students need to develop their motor muscles and brain in all areas.  They have moderate to severe disabilities. It is importatnt they develop all of these aspects of their development.

This has been so – so, in so far as I am still learning how to use some of the equipment myself and I have had to make sure I lock the app that the students need to work on.  In addition, I have had some behavioral issues and I think I have figured out a way to resolve the stituation.  Primarily I have been giving him to many choices and I have allow my paras to determine what help they will give me.  This last sentence sounds really critical, but it more directed at me as I know that if I assign and ask for them to help in specific ways, than the paras will work with the students.

Also I need to be more consistent in my handling of this student.

Visual Schedules:
They need to be developed in this classroom and used more frequently

Finaly, I am very happy that two of my Donorschoose projects have been funded. (Yeah)  There are more on page that need help with (hint).

Write more later!!

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