Friday’s Reflection: 2015 has begun!

Current Stats:

Twitter Followers:

@play10: 115

@shellforth 52

Facebook Page: 38 Likes

NetGalley:   Member since 2012

52 Invitations/758 Approvals/379 Feedbacks

The above stats may look low, but to me they are high because I remember whenever they were ZERO.


Reflection of the weak is on a high note. One of my DonorsChoose.Org. has been funded, thanks to the following people:

  • Play-Doh funded half of the project.
  • Gloria Martinez
  • Greg B
  • Jason and Lauren Milan

Target has mad field trips possible with their grant of $700.00.

Next Step:

The last month of December I began networking with some grant writers who are providing me with more contacts in order to fund my room.

  • Revision of instructional materials in the classroom and further research into educational Technology.
  • New projects in


I have become a member of two critiques groups and enrolled in a nonfiction course.


My Goodread 2015 reading challenge is to read 150 books. My NetGalley books review challenge is to bring my review score up to 82%. I will let you how it pans out as the year progress.


Working . . . . .


These are my passions in my life and I feel that various individuals in my life are encouraging them. Check out Trica’s Goyers’s blog, below is just a section of her statements concerning passion. “How do you know what God’s calling you to do?”   Tricia Goyer: Writer, Blogger, and Family Advocate. Jan. 8, 2015.


Be hopeful! Pull off the review mirror, progress is made the other way.

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