D is for Death

Is for Death!!! Death is not an ending for me because I know I will go to heaven. However, I know many people who view death as an ending, not a beginning It is the Jewish Passover and Holy Saturday for Christians. Passover reminds the Jewish people of their exodus from Egypt as slaves. There … More D is for Death

A to Z challenge

     The A to Z challenge has begun and boy am I learning a lot from this challenge.  I have just now, today,  completely downloaded all of the badges from the A to Z challenge.  Pretty cool!!  At least it is for me.  Here is a complete calendar of the challenge.   I have completed … More A to Z challenge

Netgalley Reviews

This is the website where I receive e-books for the privilege of reviewing them for more badges. I am not being sarcastic, I have really received some good books. I have also become acquainted with some new authors. These authors have also been really nice about contacting me. The publishers have had their marketing directors … More Netgalley Reviews