W is for Whiners

is   for       Whiners!In my office I have a sign that says “no whining zone”.  There are several reasons why I would like to whine.  Little reasons, bad reasons, good reasons, that I would like to whine about. So why is w for whiners, well, there are so many wonderful reasons why.  The main … More W is for Whiners

V is for Victoria

V  is         for             VICTORIA A Facebook pal sent me a link to a game which asked “What should have your parents named you?”  I really thought that they would tell me it is Michelle.  In addition, to admitting an addiction to these types of quizzes, God has been speaking … More V is for Victoria

S is for Sand

is    for                 SAND!!    When I lived at home, when I was around 11, my parents bought a sand castle for me.  They bought it for me because they felt that it represented how I viewed life.  In other words without a lot of foundation to my … More S is for Sand

Q is for Quirky

QUIRKY usually means differently unusually so! According to my Flip dictionary it means aberration, band,  caprice, crook, deviation, eccentricity, equivocation, groove,  idiosyncrasy, kink, knack, mannerism, oddity, peculiarity,  quibble, trait, turn, twist, vagary GCW  ==  Have a great night!!!

P is for Passion

Is for passion Passion is defined as a “strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing  something” I get really excited when I get a new piece of technology or learn something new! When I was in middle and high school I looked for to my tech classes.  I love to read devotional books.  I love to read and write about it.  I love … More P is for Passion