A to Z challenge BEGINS (Actually on April 1)

       The first blog for the A-Z challenge and the title is Auxiliary.  The idea behind this title is that we all have a hobby that we especially enjoy doing and want to spend more time at it.
My auxiliary, my hobby is walking, not hiking.
       There are a number of individual who have different auxiliary aspects of their lives.  As a special educator, my auxiliary title (or would like to be) is educational technology person, not the tech person, but the person who helps people include ET in their classroom.
       A number of teachers view educational technology as a way to make their lessons fun.  While it does accomplish this purpose, it is not the main objective, at least not for me, educational technology provides a way for all children to access the grade level standards in some manner.
       All students have diverse needs that need to be addressed in order for them to access the curriculum.  Language learners have specific needs that they need to be addressed in order to access the curriculum.  A bilingual teacher is great, but this is not always an available resource.  Children with special needs do not always need to taken out of the classroom; they may need an adjustment in their curriculum.  The same is true for students who are culturally diverse and need their curriculum adjusted to fit their educational needs.

       A teacher does not always need another curriculum, but an AUXILIARY method to present their lessons so that allot the students can access the curriculum.

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