A to Z challenge

A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0     The A to Z challenge has begun and boy am I learning a lot from this challenge.  I have just now, today,  completely downloaded all of the badges from the A to Z challenge.  Pretty cool!!  At least it is for me.  Here is a complete calendar of the challenge. APRIL-CALENDAR [2015]  I have completed the first week, well almost, after this post I will complete letter D.

In addition, I will go back to the 12×12 in 2015 forum, where I will work on this months submission.  At one time  I was an elf, actually, I was an elf for the first two years of the forum.  However, I did not think I was doing anything productive.  I decided it would benefit me the most if I were to be part of the forum. 12x12in12OfficialParticipant_new HIGH RES (1) I would suggest it for every pre published writer.

This is the last day of the Spring break for me and I sad.  I enjoyed my time off because I did things that I enjoy and would like to make a living at it   That is all blogging, writing, working on my classes, and developing my business. ON Monday I return to my class, please pray for me .

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