D is for Death

DIs for Death!!!

Death is not an ending for me because I know I will go to heaven. However, I know many people who view death as an ending, not a beginning

It is the Jewish Passover and Holy Saturday for Christians.

Passover reminds the Jewish people of their exodus from Egypt as slaves. There were ten plagues and the worst one was the tenth. The people were instructed to put blood of a lamb on their doorpost and the angel of death would pass over their home and their first-born would not die.

Holy Saturday, also known as Black Saturday. It is the day after Good Friday, when our Lord was placed on the cross and the day before Sunday when our Lord rose from the dead. ON this day, our Lord went to Hell to let them know they would never leave. The rest of us, who believe, can now go to heaven because Jesus has died for our sins.255fe5999f465d982a62c0cf25cac7f2_96

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