G= Gracious


This is actually Wednesday, April 9, 2015.
Goodness Gracious!!  Goodness Gracious Charlie Brown!!!
Goodness is sugar coating in a cookie.
Goodness is graciousness that each of should get together with.
Goodness is Wednesday night!  When I was in elementary school in Minnesota, public schools let their students out early so we can attend church.  A time to catch up on our religious education.  Those individuals who didn’t go to church got the afternoon off, but not me.
We went to church!
We also went to church on Sunday from 9 – 1.   Goodness Gracious!!
Goodness is something that I haven’t experienced for quite a while.   Something I have not let myself experience.
Goodness Gracious!

Gracious is something that we need to extend to all of our friends!!  Family can be a friend as well!!

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