J is Joy

is for Joy

J is for Joy.  Joy has been missing from my life. This is really not a good thing.  My Bible tells me that joy is something that always needs to part of whatever a person does, even when the time is hard.
Joy is something that should be part of whatever a person does, regardless of the day to day experience. In other words, say the day is going bad, but the moment will pass.  It will!  It just doesn’t seem like at the time.  Of course when the moment passes into another moment that is worse and this continues on and on.  Joy is a hard thing to find in the situation. It is something that has to be looked for like gold.
No one finds gold when they are panning for the first time, but when it is found the happiness the miner feels is wonderful.  However, it is the journey of looking for that gold that keeps the miner looking for the gold.
My journey has hit some rough spots right now and joy, well, I would really like joy to part of my life.  I’m looking for it.  If you are like me, please look for the joy.  I know from past experience, it is there.  If you can’t find it perhaps it is time to look for it in a new place. 

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