P is for Passion

Is for passion

Passion is defined as a “strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing

I get really excited when I get a new piece of technology or learn something new!
When I was in middle and high school I looked for to my tech classes.  I love to read devotional books.  I love to read and write about it.  I love to give anyone my opinion.
I was not surprised to find out that I am a ice storm.  A person who is much more serious than I look. On the surface I am calm and a bit enchanting. However, under the wrong circumstances I can be a real pain. I am not as good natured as I seem, look at my journal. I am slow and deliberate. I am meticulous and a perfectionist.
I am a typical Gemini, who loves the Lord and works hardcore at his kingdom.  That is why I am drawn to technology and writing, I am as ever changing these two mediums.
What is your passion?

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