R is Rearview Mirror

R is for the Rearview Mirror

Currently, I am part of Bible study called  what happens when a woman walks in Faith.  The author tells a story about how her rearview mirror fell off and she did not replace it.

What she did find out was that she did not really miss it.  She used her rearview mirror to put on makeup, check on her kids in the backseat and watch what was happening in the back of the care while she drove.

She, also, found out was that without the rearview mirror she had to pay more attention to what was actually going around her.  If she needed help with someone watching the back side there were usually other people that could help.  If there were not any other people than she had to pay closer attention to what was happening around her.

The problem I have with the rearview mirror is that I pay a lot of attention to what is going on in back of me.  I look to see how close the car is coming to me, I look to see how close the car is when I stop at the stoplight, I look to see how much traffic is back there and sometimes I watch what happens  when a car passes me in order to see if something happens.  In other words, I pay to much attention to what is going on behind me.

That is a common theme in my life.  Six months after an event has occurred I will vent or discuss it constantly.  Usually something has triggered it and usually it is about something or someone that has wronged me.  A great deal of attention is being paid to events that have occurred, I can’t do anything about, it has happened and I want to make sure that people know that it has happen.

I actually realized that I spend more attention, energy, and time concerning about things that have happened.  Good, bad or who cares!  

Why do I do that?  Well, my personal opinion is that it is because I don’t want to face what is happening right now.  I don’t want to face what has happened.  I just don’t want to face the future. Plus I want God to make it all go away and make the past a different show.  (I didn’t say it made sense.)

There are people who spend this much time on the present or future.  I don’t know that it is healthy to spend a lot of time on the present or future either.  I do know that the present needs a person’s most attention, the future is next and the past, well learn from it and move on.  Now what?

I will get back to rearview mirror at a later date.  For now, let’s just leave it and think about it. 

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