Morning Walk: Memorial Day 2015

Morning Walk


This morning I went for my walk without my earphones.  I took my phone, because it has a pedometer attached to it and I need to record my steps.  Anyway, I read the introduction a book recently and the author said that he realized that listening to podcasts interupted his train of throught.  In order to put it all in context, the book Pray, Write, Grow says how we need to be able to have time think.wpid-wp-1432570779859.jpeg

I realized that I do that, as I take my dog for his walk I listen to musci and don’t listen to anything else, even though I think I do.  This morning during my walk, I realized that I need to do more of that, I know a LOT.  Not to be prideful, but I need to work through what I know, just like I need to develop my own PLN, I need to listen to webinars instead of just signing up for them (yeah I’m one of those). Finally, I need to listen the Holy Spirit as he guides me through this process.



I don’t want to forget to mention Memorial Day on this day either:

I found a series of posts on Facebook that I particulary like and wanted to pass them one.  This one next to this is one of those pictures.  It represents all of the different branches of the military.

The Families also serve.wpid-wp-1432570728854.jpeg

wpid-wp-1432570720554.jpegThey come back, but not the way they left.

Some don’t return, either alive or dead!wpid-wp-1432570764020.jpeg

wpid-wp-1432570758022.jpegWe need to remember and listen to their stories!

I will not apologizewpid-wp-1432570736756.jpeg

because these men

wpid-wp-1432570750949.jpegand women gave me the right.

They gave you the right

to disagree with me!wpid-wp-1432570744736.jpeg

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