Salvo Sunday: The Week Has Begun!!!!!

bus[1]Salvo Week

This exciting book will be released this week. Look for a guest blog from the author on June 16 and book review by me on Jun aFTER WE FALL15!!!!!!

After We Fall!

By Emma Kavanagh

It has been a very busy two weeks, especially since the year has ended at my school and I had to drive up to Minnesota.


Since I am not returning to the school next year, I had to decide what to pack, throw, gift and leave after ten years in the district. Technology still has to be returned but I will deal with that tomorrow. Once I packed and brought my stuff home for storage, the rains came and some of my things are now wet. Again, that is one of tomorrow’s projects.

  WomenAtWork[1] It promises to be a very busy summer! In addition to looking at schools for a new teaching job, I will also be looking for work as a consultant. Now, I will have an announcement is a few weeks concerning this, so pay attention.

Finally, we have a new dog! I mentioned him before. He is still getting used to us!!!!husky[1]

Remember, guest blog, book reviews and much more this week!!!!


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