Wing’s in the Dark

“Wings in the Dark” is a 1935 fictional movie based on the life of Amelia Earhart. Mr. Murphy’s mystery with the main characters, Jake and Laura are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. They are pulled into a mystery in order to solve the murder of one of the flight backers and guards Earhart from an … More Wing’s in the Dark

Revisiting a Character

Today’s assignment: Pick one character, and one image connected with that character. Either as you rewrite an existing scene, or as you draft a new one, bring that image with you. Use it when you describe your character or when it’s time for a metaphor to reveal your character’s emotion, and hey—if all else fails, throw that object … More Revisiting a Character

The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers

This book is by Shelly Sanchez Terrell×700.png She is a teacher trainer, instructional designer, and online instructor. She is the co founder of the award winning #edchat  movement.  Her website  is on the top, but I will also put it here as well:  Basically she is what I want to be when I grow … More The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers