Monday Morning Warm UP

Monday Morning Warm UP!!

What the heck is this about?  I am participating in Teachers Write this summer and I am looking forward to improving all aspects of my writing.  The best thing about today is that I literally cleaned out my closet.  I can fit in my skinny jeans that I really like, plus my closets, drawers and amoire look a whole lot better.

As I cleaned out my closet I thought about what I would like to write about this summer.  Well the thought that came to me concern cozy mysteries, how do they find the time?  I can barely find the time to write, look for a job and take care of the house and dog and chicken.  I mean seriously, all of this is full time, but I guess if you have been designated a person of interest than I guess you do what you can to clear yourself.

The next thought I had was that I would really like to finish my two series and get some paid work as a writer.  So hear goes;

My Monday morning warm up to my series: (  link to Monday Morning Warm up)

Back yard Zoo, Grandma, full time job, place to live; all of these animals; research; place; time; writing; writing; laundry; Tamara; 10 years old; nonfiction, history; time in place; history plans; wrapping it all up; time for outline; deep breath;

Okay now to put it all in an outline!!

Have a great day!

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