The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers

This book is by Shelly Sanchez Terrell

She is a teacher trainer, instructional designer, and online instructor. She is the co founder of the award winning #edchat  movement.  Her website  is on the top, but I will also put it here as well:  Basically she is what I want to be when I grow up.

I first “met” Shelly Sanchez Terrell when I listed to her webinars on  I will be conducting webinar this month.  (Later on details and shameless self promotion).  Her webinars are wonderful and instructional.  Later this month an conference “The 30 Goals Free E-Conference, July 16th-20th”  will be based on her book.

The schedule looks great and I am sure that you all will learn a lot.  The conference will be wonderful and it will be over ChatWing.  This can be installed on your smartphone or google device.  I am not sure about the iPhone, though.  Check on the intro and the schedule on this link: http://www.30goals/conference.html

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