Revisiting a Character

Today’s assignment:

Pick one character, and one image connected with that character. Either as you rewrite an existing scene, or as you draft a new one, bring that image with you. Use it when you describe your character or when it’s time for a metaphor to reveal your character’s emotion, and hey—if all else fails, throw that object into the scene with them and see what happens.

I’d love to hear what you come up with if you’re feeling brave enough to share in the comments. Good luck!

Teachers Write 7.8.15 – Q and A Wednesday & guest author Melanie Crowder

This is the link to todays Q & A, plus todays writing prompt.

I looked through my previous stories, in fact I went through my whole office and cleaned everything up which means, I don’t have a stack of books, papers and other stuff on my desk and just have my laptop.  The only thing are my tech supplies and storyboard.

The storyboard included my story about a series I am doing on backyard zoo and I didn’t get into enough to complete todays writers prompt, hopefully tomorrow.


My desk no longer looks like this, but I still have as much work!!


I have decided to make my wordpress site blog into a website; so officially in August “All My Colors” website will be up and running.  I decided on this title because I have so many interests that I want to include and I have another blog to include within the website.  The website will have pages so you can look around and see what I am doing.

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