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I know that as a writer, a person’s reputation is not only made in the publication but also with other writers. At some point a writer makes a mistake or is perceived to make a mistake when their reputation is much stronger. It is a situation where they are not only more established but may have credentials that perceive them to be correct. It doesn’t make them right, but the perception is they are correct.

Recently I was reminded of this philosophy; I had posted a comment about a situation that I was involved in my daily job. (The one where I was actually earning a paycheck, a regular paycheck.)

This situation brought back the realization that online relationships were tough. Tougher than in person because there were no verbal or physical responses to look at, or respond to, just a written statement. It reminded me that social media was dependent on non-verbal and written responses. They were not relationships that were developed over a period of time or based on common background. It was based on written responses.

At this time in my life, I am employed as a teacher, an Affective needs teacher who had been hired because no one else had the qualifications I had; the certifications I had; the stubbornness and the fact I needed a job. A job that paid as much or very close to the amount that I needed: since I was the primary wage earner in my family.   Not very good reasons to take a job. In addition, the students were exceedingly rude, disrespectful and just not very nice.  The bottom line I needed a job and I was too stubborn to quit. In addition, my husband wouldn’t let me without a similar paycheck.

What I want is to be either at my cabin or on the road in my RV working online as an Educational Technology consultant, a webinar presenter and a writer. That is how I want to be earning my living. However, I was behind in paperwork, bills, grant work and you name in it. I didn’t not have a great reputation as a teacher. Plus nothing was going right in any area of my life.

As a Christian, I had been doing my daily devotion, but it seemed that I had been devote and the days I had been more sincere were the days that went really bad. When I don’t, life is not as good because God is knocking on the door of my heart. My daughter reminded me that if I weren’t bothering the devil he wouldn’t bother me. I just wanted a few good days, which I got, but the days that were bad were really bad.

Since I am reporting this on line am I violating anyones privacy rights. I don’t know.

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