2015 A List of Learnings

1. Discipline myself to get up early and go to bed at a time that will give me 7-7.5 hours of sleep.
a. The learning is that I need that much time but if get to much it tends to throw off my cycle of sleep that I need.

2. Prioritize what is important to me and not push it aside.
a. Prayer and devotion time. I feel so much better.
b. My day job pays the bills so I need to commit to that.
c. Prepare my writing submission, i.e. most require clips; resume; and a cover letter.
d. Prepare my online submissions
e. Curriculum materials I use for my class adapt for sale.

3. Set up my schedule on Sunday and give a copy to my husband.
a. The learning is that I don’t get caught doing something or saying yes to and already over loaded schedule.

4. Evaluate the cost of an organization, class and schedule and list the pros and cons of becoming a member or registering.
a. The learning is I paid for two classes that I ended not being able to attend this year because I didn’t do #2 and #3.

5. Pay more attention to the business side so I can see where my (meager) writing & online earnings are going to. I have decided that one day a week, (maybe Saturday) I will deal with my business aspects.

6. Network, better. I was able to secure two paid jobs by just asking. This was a out 3, which isn’t bad. I just need to look at how I asked. In addition, I neglected to send out my thank yous for prizes that I have won. This goes along with #4.

7. Finally, keep track of which social media accounts provide me with better networking, opportunities, help with skills set, etc.. and which do not so I am overcommitting myself. This relates to #2, #3 and #4 and influences #5 and #6

2015 Regrets

1. Write down (maximum of 5) disappointments, challenges, and/or failures from 2015.
a. not writing in my blog
b. not completing any curriculums
c. losing my job

2. For each challenge/disappointment, write a BIG FAT judgment about it. Make it the kind of judgment your inner critic would make when it’s at its meanest.
a. I thought about it, but there were always excuses. Such as spending a lot of time reading books, sometimes reading the same one several times over and over.
b. I just didn’t take the time to learn the skills. Yeah, there is always an excuse to not to work on this, an hour a night would do it, but I spent it drinking with others or my husband. Just took time not to do it.
c. I was not a good steward of my gifts/talents. I was obnoxious.

3. Now, for each judgment about each disappointment challenge, pause and think, “What do I REALLY know to be true about this?”  In other words, use your inner wisdom to transform those judgments into understandings. 
a. I needed to discipline my time, but I had over committed myself to to many situations. However, I did spend at least one period during the month and put together some writing on my blog.
b. I needed to spend time with my husband, but he would have understood if we had limited to a specific amount of time. In addition, he would have like to spend a date night with me instead a specific amount of time during each day.
c. The old saying 2% talent and 98% sweat would apply, but if I utilized it I would have completed more.

2015 Successes and Surprises

2015 was a very different kind of year for me.  The main reason that it was different was because of my word.  My word for this year was integrity.  I thought I had integrity, God showed me that I did not have the integrity a Christian should have in her daily life.

However, I did have some surprises and some successes.

Surprises for 2015

Getting paid to complete and present webinars

Looking for another job as a teacher.

Not getting my blog up and going

Successes for 2015

Completed a non fiction course


Joined two different writing group

Finish shed my specialist degree.

Getting a teaching job as as an AN teacher

Working with an online critique group.

Participated in writers group.

Attended in person writers get together on various subjects


Those are my surprises and successes for 2015.  There may be more, maybe.  This is year I will choose a different word; it will be discipline.  It has the word line in the word.  The work will help me “get right with God” and become a better steward of my gifts.


2015 Year in Review

2015 was a learning experience

My previous blog was kind of a downer but honest.  I did have some good things happen to me this year.  The two main items are that I completed my EdS in Educational Technology and presented two webinars for Simplek12.com (an online professional development blog). 
I joined several educators’ groups in order to establish myself as an online educator.  It was a difficult year.  I didn’t spend much time on this because I was very upset with what was happening at my school.  Looking back, I can identify several lessons and “ah-ha”.  I also realized that I need to maintain my relationship with God. 

Discipline in still my word and God showed me that I wan not a person of integrity. It hurt, but I went through it.

2016 will be better!

2016’s Word is DISCIPLINE

This year my word will be DISCIPLINE.  I had a hard time deciding between DISCIPLINE and BOUNDARY.  Than I noticed the word line in the word DISCIPLINE.  This helped me remember that in order to be disciplined, there are lines you cannot cross in order to successful.
This brings us to my word for 2015, which was integrity.
 Every year I write that the previous year’s/current year’s word (depending on how you view this time of the year) has been a period of growth and learning.  This year, I really mean it!  This year I have learned that I moving inward and couldn’t believe I got called on things and suffered the consequences for them in my professional life. Not just by one person or one administration, but by more than one.  In addition, I have been told that I am a negative and difficult person to get along with, again, by more than one person or one administration.

I didn’t have grit, when I started the year out, but boy could I whine.  Not only could I whine, but I developed a taste for it in more ways than one.  I also developed some grit and some integrity in my life.  I just wish it hadn’t taken me THE WHOLE YEAR to figure out what God was trying to get me to see.
Why would I share that in my opening paragraph?  Well, I couldn’t believe that God had had enough and really wanted to get my attention and stop fooling around with the gifts I have been given.  Last year my word for the year was integrity.  The word integrity has the word grit in it and believe me, people who have integrity also have grit and don’t achieve their strength of character by being a goody two shoes, they also have grit. They are also disciplined in their stewardship of the gifts God has given me.    
  It was very difficult to go through 2015 and reflect on the bible passages associated with integrity and realizing that God was pruning me so I can be a person of integrity, but first I must be disciplined in my approach to my life.  This includes, relationships, talents, health, money and work. 
The word for 2016 is discipline.
One step at a time.  This blog may sound a little (a lot) abstract, but this year has been very hurtful.  God has shown a side of me that I don’t like.  The new year will begin shortly and I have making small steps toward becoming disciplined. One of them is my gift for my readers.  The codes are listed below the embedded attachments, various kinds of lesson plan.
Have great beginning! 

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