2016’s Word is DISCIPLINE

This year my word will be DISCIPLINE.  I had a hard time deciding between DISCIPLINE and BOUNDARY.  Than I noticed the word line in the word DISCIPLINE.  This helped me remember that in order to be disciplined, there are lines you cannot cross in order to successful.
This brings us to my word for 2015, which was integrity.
 Every year I write that the previous year’s/current year’s word (depending on how you view this time of the year) has been a period of growth and learning.  This year, I really mean it!  This year I have learned that I moving inward and couldn’t believe I got called on things and suffered the consequences for them in my professional life. Not just by one person or one administration, but by more than one.  In addition, I have been told that I am a negative and difficult person to get along with, again, by more than one person or one administration.

I didn’t have grit, when I started the year out, but boy could I whine.  Not only could I whine, but I developed a taste for it in more ways than one.  I also developed some grit and some integrity in my life.  I just wish it hadn’t taken me THE WHOLE YEAR to figure out what God was trying to get me to see.
Why would I share that in my opening paragraph?  Well, I couldn’t believe that God had had enough and really wanted to get my attention and stop fooling around with the gifts I have been given.  Last year my word for the year was integrity.  The word integrity has the word grit in it and believe me, people who have integrity also have grit and don’t achieve their strength of character by being a goody two shoes, they also have grit. They are also disciplined in their stewardship of the gifts God has given me.    
  It was very difficult to go through 2015 and reflect on the bible passages associated with integrity and realizing that God was pruning me so I can be a person of integrity, but first I must be disciplined in my approach to my life.  This includes, relationships, talents, health, money and work. 
The word for 2016 is discipline.
One step at a time.  This blog may sound a little (a lot) abstract, but this year has been very hurtful.  God has shown a side of me that I don’t like.  The new year will begin shortly and I have making small steps toward becoming disciplined. One of them is my gift for my readers.  The codes are listed below the embedded attachments, various kinds of lesson plan.
Have great beginning! 

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