2015 Successes and Surprises

2015 was a very different kind of year for me.  The main reason that it was different was because of my word.  My word for this year was integrity.  I thought I had integrity, God showed me that I did not have the integrity a Christian should have in her daily life.

However, I did have some surprises and some successes.

Surprises for 2015

Getting paid to complete and present webinars

Looking for another job as a teacher.

Not getting my blog up and going

Successes for 2015

Completed a non fiction course


Joined two different writing group

Finish shed my specialist degree.

Getting a teaching job as as an AN teacher

Working with an online critique group.

Participated in writers group.

Attended in person writers get together on various subjects


Those are my surprises and successes for 2015.  There may be more, maybe.  This is year I will choose a different word; it will be discipline.  It has the word line in the word.  The work will help me “get right with God” and become a better steward of my gifts.


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