2015 Regrets

1. Write down (maximum of 5) disappointments, challenges, and/or failures from 2015.
a. not writing in my blog
b. not completing any curriculums
c. losing my job

2. For each challenge/disappointment, write a BIG FAT judgment about it. Make it the kind of judgment your inner critic would make when it’s at its meanest.
a. I thought about it, but there were always excuses. Such as spending a lot of time reading books, sometimes reading the same one several times over and over.
b. I just didn’t take the time to learn the skills. Yeah, there is always an excuse to not to work on this, an hour a night would do it, but I spent it drinking with others or my husband. Just took time not to do it.
c. I was not a good steward of my gifts/talents. I was obnoxious.

3. Now, for each judgment about each disappointment challenge, pause and think, “What do I REALLY know to be true about this?”  In other words, use your inner wisdom to transform those judgments into understandings. 
a. I needed to discipline my time, but I had over committed myself to to many situations. However, I did spend at least one period during the month and put together some writing on my blog.
b. I needed to spend time with my husband, but he would have understood if we had limited to a specific amount of time. In addition, he would have like to spend a date night with me instead a specific amount of time during each day.
c. The old saying 2% talent and 98% sweat would apply, but if I utilized it I would have completed more.

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