2015 A List of Learnings

1. Discipline myself to get up early and go to bed at a time that will give me 7-7.5 hours of sleep.
a. The learning is that I need that much time but if get to much it tends to throw off my cycle of sleep that I need.

2. Prioritize what is important to me and not push it aside.
a. Prayer and devotion time. I feel so much better.
b. My day job pays the bills so I need to commit to that.
c. Prepare my writing submission, i.e. most require clips; resume; and a cover letter.
d. Prepare my online submissions
e. Curriculum materials I use for my class adapt for sale.

3. Set up my schedule on Sunday and give a copy to my husband.
a. The learning is that I don’t get caught doing something or saying yes to and already over loaded schedule.

4. Evaluate the cost of an organization, class and schedule and list the pros and cons of becoming a member or registering.
a. The learning is I paid for two classes that I ended not being able to attend this year because I didn’t do #2 and #3.

5. Pay more attention to the business side so I can see where my (meager) writing & online earnings are going to. I have decided that one day a week, (maybe Saturday) I will deal with my business aspects.

6. Network, better. I was able to secure two paid jobs by just asking. This was a out 3, which isn’t bad. I just need to look at how I asked. In addition, I neglected to send out my thank yous for prizes that I have won. This goes along with #4.

7. Finally, keep track of which social media accounts provide me with better networking, opportunities, help with skills set, etc.. and which do not so I am overcommitting myself. This relates to #2, #3 and #4 and influences #5 and #6

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