A New Learning

Today, I was walking away from my class totally frustrated, on the verge of tears and vowing I would never, ever return. Those students are . . . A quiet voice said Do your job and I will do the rest. 
My job is that of teacher.  I have been teaching for many years and like the bible

My Bible is old and tattered, much like I feel right now.  I have survived Stage 3 Cancer.  I wanted it to be one of those awe inspiring movie of the week type miracles. It wasn’t. I went through four round of chemo, radiation, surgery and P.T.  But guess what I survived!
My career as a teacher and writer has not been the awe inspiring movie of the week type career. It has been much like how my Bible looks.  It is still my go to Bible, even though I have other Bibles to look at for inspiration.
Teaching, writing, two things that have gotten me through so much.
Today I was reminded of that my story is not going to be made into a movie. However, if I let God do what he does best and I do what I do best.  I will get through it. 

No I don’t know the ending, but I do know that God will hold my hand through it all. Just be happy doing your work and be a good steward.  Discipline yourself!!

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