Writing means . . .

Success in writing means …. that when I get up in the morning I am looking over my emails to see what jobs I need to complete working, for presentations and honing my craft.

Writing means that I will be writing for pleasure, writing for income and writing for the daily needs of my soul.

Writing is something that I love to do and the more I do it and treat it as the business the more I learning.  I would really like to have the freedom to write every day.

Writing means that I have a literary agent who is looking for my work to come in the mail that will be purchased for the publication. It means having a book contract for 2-3 children’s books a year. Writing a mystery series that everyone wants to reads.

Writing means that I will visit conferences for networking, making presentation and honing my craft. I

Writing means that I am developing my curriculums, writing papers and encouraging others to write. It means I am reading my books and writing reviews.

Writing means that I am working at my desk and adjusting my hours’ o walk my dog, run errands and travel either by myself or with my husband.  It means vising people and staying long enough so that I can complete my work and visit with them.

Writing means that I am feeding my soul.

Thank you God for this passion!

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