The Beginning of the End

The summer will be ending for me, next week begins training for me at my new school, just waiting for the information so I know where to go, whoe will do the training and what I need to bring to the training.

KidLitSummer begins today,

Screenshot 2016-07-11 19.58.32

so that will be a way to ease me into the brick andmotar school and start full time the online business.  I really want to teach online and I was supposed to have a skype interview for a partime online elementary job teaching English this evening.  It is hard to have an interview when the potential employer deosn’t show up for their part of the interview. A little disappointed.



Beginning tomorrow, I will be putting together some professional content, some professional lesson plans, reviews and some guest blogging.


HI Everyone!

Just a quick note that kid lit summer school will be starting on July 11, 2016.  It is fablous.  IN addition to my book reviews, some guest posts and technology information and plans, you will get some writing news in the next couple of weeks.

The summer school overlaps my starting time for school, which will be at Omar D Blair.  I will be the special education coordinator (K-8) and learning specialist (6-8). I am so excited!  Yeah!  2016 is perking up, thank you God!!

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