Teacher’s First Days at a New School

I will be starting my first year at a new school.  teacher-boy-copyright5This is the second time in as many years that I have started a new year at a new school. I live in a major metropolitian area where there multiple school districts and I have worked in four and will begin a new year at a charter school.

The previous years in the previous school districts were not good!  I am a good teacher and know how to work with students.  This time I will be back in a position I like, but I will also be a coordinator for my department.  The pay is less.  This year will be different, because God will be with me here.  However, He was with me at all of the other schools as well, espcially this last year.

Burn-Out-626x424  I am not going let my head blow up.  I am going to remember to let God lead me.  The other teachers I wil be working with are very excited to work at this school.  This school received a governor’s award for excellence.  It had a bad year last year.

As the time progressess, I am going to remember, that the students are the focus.  We all need to remember this, the students are the focus.  That is what I forgot in the previous years.  The other teachers will help, your principal is there for you and everyone else is going answer your questions.  The students are your focus, regardless of where or who you teach.


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