Book Review: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Written by Marty Wingate

This book is the third in a series called the Potting Shed Mystery.  If you have been following the series, this book includes a surpass about one of the maid characters and the other is the style of the writing.   Fortunately, the book was written at a faster pace and the clues were a little more embedded so that the reader had to actually read the book in order to red the book to get the answer.

DCI Christopher Pearce has a larger role in this book, which is good, because I like him a lot.  I think he was well written but there is a little more to him in this book. .

You don’t have to read the first two books to understand what happened, as the details are quickly given throughout this book, but if you haven’t read the first two, pick them up and add this one to the list too.  However, this series is really good and I think that you will want to read through them just to see what happens in the book.

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