Book Review: A Taste For  Honey: A Mycroft Holmes Mystery

written by H.F. Heard

  I liked the book, however the forward and discussion afterwards jwere not necessary, I think it would be best if the reader was left to make their own decision about the book.  It was terrifying to think this story could have actually happens. The book is the tale told from the point of Sydney Silchester, an odd recluse, who was in a search for his local of honey. The local bee keepers wife had been killed by their own bees and the hives have been ordered destroyed. As a result, Mr. Silchester decided to go on another search for a local bee keeper who was selling honey, but for some reason, there aren’t many beekeepers in that area. As a result, he stumbles upon a strange sign posted and that is how he meets Mycroft.  The book was originally written decades ago.   I am so impressed with how much thought went into the book and how thorough the details of the events were written for this book.

This book was given to me by Netgalley (a book review site) in exchange for an honest and objective review of the book.

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