Book Review: Borrowing Death

I have really enjoyed reading the Charlotte Brody Mysteries.  I have been wanting to visit Alaska for a long time and this series has just increased that desire.  I know that the time period is during the early part of the 1900’s, but it was an exciting time. Borrowing Death opens shortly after the close of Murder on the Last Frontier. Charlotte Brody has decided to extend her stay in Cordova, a small town on the Alaska frontier. She has found a job reporting and typesetting at the local newspaper and is still sending her serial about frontier women to be published back east. She likes her job, the people of Cordova and seeing her brother, Michael, the town doctor, on a regular basis. She especially likes the handsome Deputy Marshal, James Eddington.

In this book, Charlotte is writing about the Volstead Act, which would establish National Prohibition. This opens up all kinds of problems, excitement and sorrow in the town.  Charlotte wants to write the story about all of it and Pegau writes in such a way that it is a page turner.

The Charlotte Brody Mysteries are a nice mixture of history, mystery and just a little romance.The books remind me of the history that occurred during that time period.  The author writes in such a way that the reader really feels as if the events are occurring right at this moment.

This book was given to me by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest and objective review.

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