Book Review: Friendly Fire

Written by John Gilstrap

I was a late discoverer of John Gilstrap and his signature character, Jonathan Grave, code name, The characters and story in . “Friendly Fire” is the third book in the series, but this is the first book that  I have read.  Friendly fire is very addictive and I spent a extreme length of time  reading the book in one setting. Grave and his team of “Big Guy” Boxers and Venice, are faced with a serious problem Eleven years ago they rescued an 11 year old boy named Ethan Falk from his kidnapper and torturer and now, so many years later, Falk sees his evil tormentor and kills him in a blind rage.

I can highly recommend Gilstrap and his Jonathan Grave character to any fan of suspense thrillers, especially those featuring unsanctioned outside- the- law heroes who seek justice where law enforcement cannot. Characterization and dialogue are always a Gilstrap strength as is his breakneck plotting that often keeps readers glued late into the night.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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