Book Review: The Darkness Knows (Viv and Charlie Mystery)

Writter by Cheryl Honigford

I really love history!  I love the different time periods involved, believable characters and a feel that the events happened yesterday. AND I especially like authors who can put it all together.  Ms. Honigford tries very hard to make this happen, but I am hoping that when she illustrates the Viv in the next novel she doesn’t make her so clichesish.  The story line was good and I liked Charlie.  The author had a good grasp of the time and setting which I really enjoyed, because I love history.

I think that Ms. Honigford had a good grasp of Chicago during this time period.  My Dad was born during this time so I know a lot about this time. I hope the next novel invokes Viv as a more realistic character of this time.

This book was given to me by the publisher via the Netgalley for an honest and objective review.

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