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Doubt in the 2nd Degree: A Jules Landau MysterySep 6, 2016

by Marc Krulewitch


Jules Landau is an old fashioned type of private eye who reminds me of the Sam Spade type of investigator.

In Chicago, there are the good neighborhoods and the not so go neighborhoods.  The really good neighborhood, obviously are built with money to take advantage of the skyline alongside sparkling blue Lake Michigan.  Jackie Whitney has been bludgeoned to death, her body found neatly wrapped and tucked away on a closet shelf in her own place in this expensive area.  He has been hired to to look into Jackies’ last days and to find the real killer.

My opinion

The story is really good. I liked reading about a man being the sleuth, explore Chicago.  It adds an interesting aspect to the story.  I like the flow of the story and it is a book that keeps my interest.

I was given this book by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.


A Type of Mystery Genre

Mystery fiction can be divided into numerous categories, including “traditional mystery”, “legal thriller”, “medical thriller”, “cozy mystery”, “police procedural”, and “hardboiled”.  I divide mystery fiction into cozy mystery, two for the price of one mystery and humor mystery.  However, I like all of the above and enjoy reading them for myself.

In researching this topic I have found the one item that most writers used  in outlining their writing; determine what you are writing before you start.  Each sub genre has it’s own criteria and the writer should stay within that guideline as they write their story.  On the other hand it is import to stay focus and write the mystery in such a way to keep the reader interested and wanting to read through the whole story and read it again, again, again.

  1. Traditional Mystery
  2. Legal Thriller
  3. Medical Thriller
  4. Cozy Mystery
  5. Police procedural
  6. Hardboiled
  7. Two for the Price of One
  8. Humor Mystery


Stay tuned I am really enjoying writing.  Some of you may think that I not following my own advice and stay focused, but that is what Wacky Wednesday is all about.

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