Cozy Mysteries and Writing

Cozy Mysteries and Writing

I like most cozy mysteries.  I like the format.  I like most of the main characters. I like most of the settings.  I like the various careers and businesses that the characters in the book hold while they solve mysteries.

This came to pass the last time I read a cozy mystery.  I realized that I like the fact that most of these women have relocated to another part of the country.  Most of them have gone back home or close to home and restart their lives.  Some are divorced, some are widowed, some are married and some are single.   They all are starting over after leaving a fairly successful career, laid off, fired or the job has ended.  The jobs I like best are the ones that are the most plausible and compatible with sleuthing.  Some I have to just laugh at because they have to juggle and still make a living.

Recently I read “Haunted is Always in Fashion” which I will be reviewing shortly.  However, this woman own and operates a vintage clothing shop, has a ghost or two who are always around and she blogs.  I like this because this is what I would like to be doing.  I would like to have a successful blog and career that I can maintain at the house or while we are traveling.  I know it will happen, I believe to be eventually something that will happen because it is God’s plan.  Right now I have to get straighten out.  Anyway, I really enjoyed the book and like her style.

In addition, I learn a lot.  As stated in the above paragraph the main character provides information about vintage clothing, another tells me a lot about herbs, another reminds me how much I like crocheting and knitting, then there is cozy mystery that deal with embroidery and another concerning quilting.  I tell you there are so many crafts that an individual can do at home and make a living.

Some day I may be writing about a curriculum writer who blogs, while the main character sleuths in her free time.

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