Book Review:  Haunted is Always in Fashion by Rose Pressey


This is a cozy mystery series; Cookie Chanel loves vintage fashion.  She has a popular blog and store devoted to vintage fashion. In addition, Cookie has a ghost, who loves fashion, named Charlotte and un-Psychic friend, Heather, who owns the Psychic store next to Cookie’s store.  In this book, the threesome are joined by Juliana who has been murdered.  Who murdered her?  Everyone wants to know, including Juliana. However, not everyone wants Cookie to solve the case, she understands why Dylan, her detective boyfriend, doesn’t want her to get involved.  But what about Julianna’s boyfriend, his grandma and her aunt?  Why are they so unhelpful?


This was a great read!  I am very surprised because I didn’t only Rose Pressey’s last book about Cookie.  At that point, I thought the series was going to become a cookie cutter of some of the other cozy mystery series I have read.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the book.

This ARC was given to me by the publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review of the book.

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