Book Review: Shaken by Tim Tebow

Book Review: Shaken by Tim Tebow

Initially I thought that this book would be a vanity book by the author.  Please understand I have been impressed by Tim Tebow, I feel for him.  He has been cut from four football teams and he was an Heisman Trophy winner.  Of course he wouldn’t be the first football player to win this trophy and not make a mark as a NFL player.  Tim Tebow has been through the wringer in a very public format.  I give him credit, he has not bad mouthed his football teams. 

This book was provided to me at a very interesting time for me.  I have been “cut” from four different districts, not is such a public manner.  However, I reacted in the opposite was, I was very upset and reacted in a negative manner.  I did not see it as God’s plan, prior to coming to Colorado I stayed with the same district in each state that my husband had been transferred to, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND.  This book was titled correctly for me Shaken.  I had been shaken.  There is also a song called TELL YOUR HEART TO BEAT AGAIN that incorporates the same theme as this book.

As a result, this book hit some very personal spaces.  Despite how positive he reacted publicly, he stated in this book that he was upset.  One statement “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.” really hit home for me.  The main theme that he emphasized thorough out was that God has a plan and we just need to be in with his plan.

The section I liked the past was the distinction he made between the different types of love.

-storge: signifying a natural affection we feel for our family.

-philio: to show warm affection in an intimate friendship, characterized by tender,

heartfelt consideration and kinship.

-agape: unconditional love that is always giving and impossible to take or be a taker. It

requires commitment to seek your highest best no matter how anyone would

respond. This form of love is totally selfless and does not change whether love

that is given is returned or note.

I realized that I need to develop agape love and believe it has been hard.  I am in a very challenging job and my home life is equally challenging.  I have committed an Ismael.  That references Abraham ’s and Sarah’s plan to help God.  They were promised a son and it wasn’t happening fast enough so they developed a plan and with Sarah’s handmaiden had a son, Ismael.  God was not happy.  In addition, I have looked to money as my idol, I was waiting for some money to come in to solve my situation.  It was not to be.

Agape Love is difficult, it requires constant prayer and attention to God.  The individual must also look outside themselves in order to obey God’s commands and do what he has planned for you.  Tim explains how he was able to do  this and also provided examples of other individuals who illustrated agape love in a beautiful manner.  These examples like Tim’s did not result in happily every after.  The ending came hard and hurtful, but by promoting and striving to show agape love he has been able to go through it with the help of God.

This book is great!  I haven’t read any of his previous books.  I thoroughly recommend this book.  You don’t have to be going through a hard time to enjoy it.  The lessons are for everyone!

I was provided an ARC of this book by the authors’ marketing team in exchange for an honest review and assistance in launching the book.

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