Book Reviews: “Double . . by Gretchen Archer

I have noticed a growing trend in my reading!  I am reading more cozy mysteries, but I am getting tired of the cheese chick flick mysteries.  They are the type that seem more prevalent among the authors that self public on Amazon.  No I am not going to specify authors, because whether I believe it or not they do occasionally come up with some decent books.

These books usually see between $.99 – $2.99 on sale on Amazon or I get a code in the in email or on Facebook, encouraging me to download their book.  If they are free I usually do it but it takes me awhile for me to review it, if ever especially if I don’t like the book. Then I feel guilty because I know writers do depend on reviews.  However, I have several books that I actually do like and haven’t reviewed.

Another trend is that when I am having a bad day, week I tend to go back to old favorites and read those books, even if I have several books on tap that I need to read.  Very bad habit that I need to break.  Consequently, over the next week, I will be reviewing several books that Henery Press are promoting.  They have several old and new authors that they are currently promoting.  As I went through my list I have in my Kindle app, there are quite a few that I do enjoy and are becoming fast favorites.

Gretchen Archer is an author that has a series of books where the title begins with Double.  The primary character in her books is Davis Way.  I will go through the books from beginning to end or from my first to the last in the series of Gretchen Archer’s books.

Double Whammy

This is the first in the series.  The MC, Davis is starting over because of some issues with her first husband.  It may not hook you with the first sentence, but keep reading and I (almost guarantee) that you won’t be putting it down any time soon.

Double Dip

Davis Way is part of the security team at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS. Her latest assignment is to find out why a little old lady with a PO Box address keeps winning the slots tournaments. In her spare time she doubles for her bosses wife,

This is a great read!  Her zany, but loving family is something that you will love.  It is great and you will enjoy the whole story.


Double Strike

I have to admit, the third book kind or worried me.  I have noticed that some authors get a little comfortable at this stage and it become a make it or break it book within the series.  Fortunately, in my opinion,  Ms. Archer did a great job with this book.

Double Mint

What I really enjoyed about this book, is that Davis is married.  In a lot of the cozy mysteries, the MC does not get married.  This kind of bothers me, I am  old fashioned and I think that couples shouldn’t play house for so long, they should get married.  Granted Davis gets into trouble and there are a some issue, but I love her husband and I think they make a great pair.  You will love the book.

Double Knot

What I like about this series is the reality!  I have had breast cancer, people do survive and people do die from it, but it a real fear for a lot women and men.  I like how Ms. Archer handles it is this book.  You will love the story.  Enjoy!!

When you go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you will find that the books fall between the price range that I listed above, this is NOT A CHEESY MYSTERY BOOK.  They are all great, as stand alone books, but read the series, you will enjoy them very much!


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