Salute to the Week!!

The week has begun!!!!wpid-wp-1432570750949.jpeg

I have been wrestling with how to do my job at school. I had applied for one job, offered another job, and when school started had to do another job. That makes three full-time jobs!


img_0222In the world of special education that is suicide; one of the reasons is that it opens a person up for not meeting service minutes for each s
tudent who has an individual education plan. I just wanted to make sure that I was able to work with the students.

Starting this week: I am back to my leadership role and my teaching role. Matt 28:17-18 reminds me that God is ultimately in charge. I need to begin each day with him and let him guide me and listen when someone is trying to hurt me. I also, need to remember that it isn’t all about me, THIS IS THE MAIN LESSON GOD IS TEACHING ME!


One of my followers, Benjamin Thomas, led me to this event that will happening in 2017. I have read over all of the information, joined the Facebook group and I really want to be involved. . So far I have seen a number of books that I want to read and review; I have seen a number of authors that I would like to get to know and a lot of information connected to the above picture, mysteries and thrillers, and all of the sub genres associated with these two main genres.

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