Book Review: Book 1 & 2 of Lady Hardcastle Mysteries by T.E. Kinsey

Book Review: A Quiet Life in the Country
Book 1: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery


This blog will include two reviews in regards to a new series. I am very excited about this cosy mystery series, (my opinion) because of the main characters who are involved in this series. This is a something that I have said before, I have found a new series and author to review as the days go by, so it is very interesting.


Lady Emily Hardcastle and her lady’s maid, Florence Armstrong have moved to the country. They have led an exciting life prior to this move, Lady Hardcastle’s husband had been murdered in Chrina and she and her maid Florence Hardcastle made their way to China via India. They are getting to know the countryside based on their social status, (a titled member of nobility and a servant). A man has been murdered and an expensive stone has been stolen. Who as done this? It is a very interesting path that the characters take to resolve the mystery. After all they are women and new to the country.


I really enjoyed this story and was very interrested in finding the the new book in this series. The book really takes into account the time and society where the women are living. Readers will enjoy the book.
Book Review: In The Market for Murder
Book 2: A Lady Hardcastle Mystery


This book follows “A Quiet Life in the County” where Lady Hardcastle has recovered from her wounds. She and Armstrong are invited to a market where animals are sold. Afterwards they go to a “restaurant” where they have a delicious pie. Both Lady Hardcastle and Armstrong enjoy the outing, except Armstrong is frighted of cows. They are asked by the local police to help investigate the murder of local man (who is not well liked). The en result is very interestting and the reader will enjoy the journey that they characters take as the mystery is resolved.


This was a wonderful book. I like it and look forward to the next book. Especially, since Lady Hardcastle has bought a car. The sale of the car was very interesting and funny. In addition, how the car will fit into the next mystery. READ IT!!!!


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