Book Review: All the Little Liars


All the Little Liars by Charlaine Harris

This series “An Aurora TeaGarden Mystery” is turning out to be a favorite.  I originally discovered it on Hallmark Mystery Channel and really enjoyed the series.  there were a couple of books I wasn’t greatly impressed with, but this one “All the Little Liars”  I really liked.


Aurora’s half brother is living with her and her husband (yes, she is married and pregnant), when he disappears.  As Aurora goes through the process of trying to locate her young half brother, she discovers how cruel children can be to one another.  Not only that, but also found out what parents would do to protect their children when they are cruel to each other. It’s sad how much trouble three little bullies can cause other people in their circle.


As a elementary education teacher, I know how cruel some children are to other children. Not only has a elementary teacher, but as a parent.  We weren’t as nice as the young girl’s parents.  Between my son and a call to the police, the bullying stopped.  The parents of that child remind me of the bullies’ parents in this book.      Children can be MEAN!!!!     I agree with the main character, I would press charges against the individual and the parents knew I would, althought I think they were more frighten of my husband..  Only then would the parents of the bully wake and realize that they needed to do something.

This is a great book on so many levels and I encourage everyone to read the book.

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