Deadlines, Data, Evaluation and Oh Yeah Teaching!!

Deadlines, Data, Evaluation and, Oh Yeah Teaching
Today, I did all of that and still have deadlines to meet before tomorrow morning.  I have list of  accommodations that I need to turn into to the Site Assessment Leader.  I have been promising that poor woman the list for over a week now.  
In addition, the progress reports are due tomorrow.  I have a re evaluation to complete by Thursday morning.  Today, the administration team came in while I was administrating one of the test and the paraprofessional in the class worked with the students. 
Two of the mild moderate teacher met with me so I could makes sure that we were on the same track, they didn’t need help and they remembered that the progress reports were due tomorrow.  Now I need to write up my notes, send them to the teachers and adminsteremtion because I need to make sure that they have been completed.  
Teaching, oh yes, I did some of the at today.
Did I mention that three administrators come in at the same time? One had a laptop, one took pictures and the other looked around!
I am very thankful that the paraprofessional who works in my class, cleaned the room on Friday.  I was sick all weekend!

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Oh well!  This is why I became a teacher and thank goodness for technology!  It will all get done!!!

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