Let’s Salute the Week!

The year 2017 has progressed right along for me.  I have been diligent (my word for the year) in pursuing my goals.  In addition, I really thought more time has passed than what actually has come to pass.  In addition I am actually reading my emails, after being ruthless in unsubscribing to so many.  It actually makes my email look smaller. In addition, to making sure that I read my emails, I have noticed new emails popping up.  I am deleting them as well.

My husband has bought a drone. He doesn’t have anything else to do.  I have a new Kindle fire 7.  I love that!  The main reason is that the ALL my books are on the kindle and I can see them.  There are some on other apps, but I will work with that just as well.  The other item I like about the Kindle fire 7 is that it has whisper sync and will do text to speech without any addition apps or programs.

Mystery Thriller Week is coming up!

One of the writers put together a video connecting their book covers. It is very cool and it has given me an idea on a way to really start off the week.  So check out the link (copy and paste):

Super Fans & Super Readers Sign up for Contests & Activity Updates

I will put it together for some reviews on my page.  I think you will all like it.

Have a good week!  See you soon!

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