Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Review in Mystery Thriller Week

Review of the Caleb Cove Mystery Series by Mahrie Reid

Mahrie Reid started to write the series in 2014 and has set the series in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Each book features the residents of Caleb’s Cove, each time one of the residents in the cove, as previous characters appear across the books.  There are currently three books in the series:

Came Home Dead #1screenshot-2017-01-19-23-53-58

A dead body surfaces after a hurricane, and suddenly family and friends bring up secrets and suspicions that Devon Ritcey didn’t know or even remotely know existed in Caleb Cove.  Guation. reg Cunningham, an ex-cop and ex-lover of Devon, begins to suspect everyone, and anyone who has any type of relationship to the body. As a result Devon Doesn’t know if she can trust Greg to help her or will he just cause more problems.  Devon doesn’t really know who she can trust or what to think about the current situation.

Came Home to a Killing #2

  screenshot-2017-01-19-23-53-58-1Kelsey Maxwell discovers that everything she has known about her life is a lie, and now she is determined find out the truth. However, she doesn’t expect investigation into her life to lead to fraud and murder. During Kelsey’s investigation, she discovers Sam Logan, a security consultant and the only man willing to tell her the truth about her life. What she finds out is that she is not the only one trying to find the truth, which includes she’s looking for her estranged, biological father.  Her Dad has disappeared with some key evidence, He’s made off with key evidence that Kelsey needs, but there are some criminals that also want the evidence, maybe even more so that Sam. Kelsey doesn’t know what the result of her investigation will be and whether or not the truth will help her or kill her.  It’s very complicated!

Came Home Too Late #3 screenshot-2017-01-19-23-53-58-2

More mystery, stalking, kidnapping and murder that affecting both the guilty and innocent in Caleb Cove.  Emily Martin has never known anything but that her safety depends on hiding in plain sight and that the police were not to be trusted. Her life has been all about her father’s past and who Caleb’s Cove Emily can trust. Now she needs to find out if  or who she can trust.

My Opinion and Rating 4.3

The stories were very interesting.  I wrote a paper about Novia Scotia when I was in Middle School. Although I never thought of the things that Ms. Reid in her series.  I am curious to see the next book in the story.  In series like this, I am always curious to see who shows up next in town to either die offer assistance or has a mysterious background.  I really encourage everyone to read the books, I am certain that whoever reads it will want to continue with the next book inthe series.

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