Let’s Salute the Week!!

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This project has been teaching me and reminding me about lessons I learned in the past. Editing, ugh, not my strongest suit, although I have worked as editor.  It is, however, to work as an editor with a software program that helps with the grammar and mechanics.  Now I need to go back to basics and make sure I look and listen to myself as I go through the post.

Today I have headache because of the short nights I have been keeping.  I think I need to sleep a little more. 

Anyway, the other bloggers have really been keeping up with their reviews.  During the actual event I will be posting interviews about the authors of the books that I have reviewed.  There is a separate page for that as well.

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Review:  January 30, 2017   Storystorm

Article:    February 1, 2017:  Article: The Forensic Edge

I will be shortly developing the printable that I can use to promote more of the blogs from the Writers’ Journey!

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