MTW Review 10: Skeltons in the Attic


Book Review:  Skeletons in the Attic by Judy Penz Sheluk


screenshot-2017-01-22-13-52-12The beginning of SKELETONS IN THE ATTIC  really  hooks  the reader from the get go. The story is set in the small community town of Marketville just north of Toronto.Calamity (Callie) Barnstable is  the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate,which includes a  house in the town of Marketville.  Callie did not know that this house existed and not only that, she has to move to Marketville, where the house is, live in the house and solve her mother’s murder.

Not surprisingly, Callie doesn’t really want to do this, after all, the mystery is 30 years old and Callie’s mother left her and her Dad when she was six years old and now she has to figure out why. Just to fulfill her father’s wishes? Really? However, a psychic, Misty Rivers, will expose all of the “skeletons” in the Barnstable family if she doesn’t follow the her father’s instructions. 

My Opinion and Rate 4.3

The story is paced really well and the writing makes the reader want to go along and read the story to the very end. The characters are colorful and well-developed.  They kind of remind me of people who I know, and that doesn’t mean I like them, but the characters take on a life other on and really entertain the reader. The author’s descriptions of setting and action kept me reading in order to learn what happen and why all through the story.A real page turner through out!

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