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Book Review:

  Bradley, North Carolina, is the home of the Myrtle Clover Mystery Series.  The small town is supposed to be a quiet place, unfortunately it also has a lot of people are dying of murder. Fortunately, a rather elderly amateur sleuth Myrtle Clover is determined to solve them and make a name for herself.

This blog will review three of books in the series that Elizabeth Spann Craig created, in addition to two other series.  This is a very interesting series and all worth pursuing.

A Dyeing Shame (Book 3)


screenshot-2017-01-21-21-21-071Myrtle Clover is a funny, senior sleuth and with her friend Miles, they are a real pain for her son Red.  Red is a cop, Myrtle is not. This worries Red to no end!  Personally, I understand why Myrtle wants to help out, she is not an old lady.  They are your typical southern, charming individuals who a great example of the southern culture.  Unfortunately, and very sadly Tammy has been murdered and not in a typical manner.

My Opinion and rating 4 Stars

The book is well written and flows at a brisk pace.  This book was actually the first book that I read inthe series and I completly enjoyed it.  The southern setting of Bradley, NC just adds spice to the whole book. I really like Myrtle and would wish that I knew her in real life.  She has spunk, courage and fussiness.

A Body in the Backyard (Book 4)


 One day Myrtle’s yardman discovers a dead body planted in her garden. This is not a regular dead body, it is one that has been hit in the head with one of Myrtle’s garden gnomes. Myrtle’s friend Miles recognizes the body as one Charles Claiborne and he reluctantly tells Myrtle Charles is Miles cousin. Charles is not the most stand up citizen of the town. You know it is really hard to believe that so many of the town’s people end up dead, but really in her garden?

As Myrtle starts finding and digging up clues to solve this case, she is also targeted by the killer as she finds yet, another dead body in her yard. Events, bad events start happening one after another until, how does it end?

screenshot-2017-01-21-21-25-31My Opinion and a 4.5 star rating

This story was a quick, fun, mystery and for some reason this characters are really involved that makes reading this book a great time. It’s a great book, and this time I couldn’t figure it quickly. A wonderful read about an older woman who truly enjoys life.

A Book in the Bookclub (Book 6)


This another great read in the Myrtle Clover Mystery Series. This time, Myrtle finds not one but two dead people who are involved in the various organization in Bradley, North Carolina. Myrtle asks Wanda the psychic (her friend Miles cousin) for help in solving their deaths, specifically their murders. Although Myrtle loves to try to solve murder cases, her son Red, the police chief, not so much because he wants her to be safe.tIn order for Red to keepscreenshot-2017-01-21-21-27-42 her safe, he wants her to stop solving the murders.  It was while Myrtle was trying to solve the first murder, one of the women she thought of as a suspect, turns up dead in almost the same spot as the first one. Myrtle does most of this solo, this time, because she and Miles argued about her missing cat, Pasha. Not only is Red and Miles against her, and in addition to entertaining her grandson, Red     has scheduled a tour for her at Greener Pastures.   Myrtle is not happy, she is to put it mildly, angry and  Greener Pastures is the last place Myrtle wants to live.  Does Myrtle solve the murders and save the day?  Or does she end up in Green Pastures?

My Opinion and rating of 4.2 stars

This book is well written and paced in a very sequential and wonderful manner.  This book was great read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  I was glad Myrtle’s grandson was in the story, it was fun to see how long Myrtle stays angry at Miles, after all they are friend and have been for a long time.


I definitely like this authro’s writing style. She is a good storyteller and is pretty funny. What I really like about this series is the main character.  A wonderful human being that I would like to meet in real life.

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