MTw Book Review #11


Book Review:  Skin of Tattoos

by Christine Hoag


Cyco Lokos is a gang member of the Magdaleno (Mags) Argueta.  He  comes home to Los Angeles after serving a prison term for robbery, for which he was framed by Rico. Interestingly enough Rico is the new leader of the Cyco Lokos. Consequently, all he wants is start of new life and have people leave him alone.  He just want to start a new life. 

The problem with being in prison and a gang is that no one forgets, even though Mags tries to let go of his bitterness and stay out of gang life for the sake of his Salvadoran immigrant family and his girlfriend Paloma.   As he tries to find a job, where no wants to hire a former gang member or convict, Mags makes a decision that he feels is his only choice, given his options.   

Mags is caught between a rock and hard spot as a series of web of secrets, revenge, lies, and murder all come to pass, which may just cost him more that he can pay. 

My opinion and rate of 4.5

I like this story and I didn’t expect too.  A few years ago a young man moved into our neighborhood who was trying to leave his gang life behind him.  His body was covered with tattoos.  He and my husband would talk occasionally about life in general. One day he walked by and said he was moving, but we should know a local gang was trying to imitate our son.  We ended up keeping our son home a few days and our friend and my husband got involved and the gang left my son alone.  However, our friend had to move, he had little choice. Once you are in a gang you don’t get out, alive .  I felt sorry for Cyco, it’s a tough world that he lives in and from my peripheral view of his world and brief involvement I feel for him.  It’s not an easy situation no matter from what aspect you look at his world. 

This book is good and I think that if you want a glimpse into this hard life, you can check out Skin of Tattoos.  Nevertheless, I think you will find the book well paced and the characters well-developed and interesting.  Check out the book!

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  1. Many thanks, Michelle, for your great review of Skin of Tattoos! Your personal account of a neighbor trying to escape gang life is spot on, which is what is reflected in the book.

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